About Rebecca Vizard

After graduating in art and communications from Newcomb College of Tulane University and traveling the world, the last place Rebecca thought she would settle down would be her former tiny Delta town of St. Joseph, Louisiana. "My bottom lip shook for about 4 years until I devised a career that would get me out of town regularly." Now she laments "You have to watch what you wish for" because there is no other place she'd rather be than home. After 23 years of traveling, creating beautiful pillows and interiors, and building a renowned antique textile business, she has come full circle and appreciates the tranquility of Lake Bruin and the talents of the ladies who sew for her. We all feel very lucky to be able to make a living creating beautiful things in a community with few job opportunities, but a place that offers such peace and tranquility and beautiful flora and fauna.

About The Business

When doing an interior design job in New York in 1994, Rebecca was looking for an antique textile pillow that was tailored and not over done. After spending more time looking for the perfect pillow than any other element of the project, she decided to make her own. "At that time it was impossible to find an antique textile pillow without gobs of passementerie. I felt like the actual hand made textile should be revered and not over shadowed by trim." With that first pillow her present business creating clean-lined antique textile pillows was launched and by 1996 Neiman Marcus had ordered for 22 of their best stores.

About The Place

On the banks of Lake Bruin between a cotton field and a pecan orchard is the property from Locustland Plantation which was owned by Rebecca’s grandfather. The studio is here, connected to the Vizard’s home by a glassed-in breezeway. Lake Bruin, a remnant of the Mississippi River when it changed course, is referred to as an oxbow lake because of its shape. This is the Delta on the Louisiana side of the Mighty Mississippi and is known for its rich soil. Rebecca draws inspiration from her surroundings as well as swimming in the lake and gardening with her husband, Michael.

About The Process

Once back to the Locustland studio with the textile bounty from travels to Europe, Turkey, South America, or where ever life leads her, the creative process begins. The textiles are sorted by colors and patinas and stacked in plain sight to enhance visual stimulation. For the embroidery pieces, her talented assistant, Belinda, meticulously cuts around the hand stitches with tiny cuticle scissors, careful not to snip a thread lest it all unravel. Rebecca measures remnants and draws each pillows' design, calculating the cost per square inch. All components of the pillows are gathered together for each seamstress so that she can complete the painstaking handwork and repairs from her home.